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Morning Session — Membership Site

Dramatist Guild Website: New Member search

Roland Tec guides us through the new interface.

Search fields/methods (member search)
public interface
searching is not case sensitive
privacy settings default

first name/last name/ city are the only things visible; you must select what will be visible. Settings that are different based on whether the visitor is a member or not. member information privacy page; can choose visibility of contact methods. heavy emphasis on security of member privacy information

edit member credit (work) regardless of production history
very like doolee so you can describe your plays, reviews, etc., external linking,
“find a play” language of the buttons/descriptions.

add media
can put up full script, excerpt, etc.
mp3/pdf are the formats
can link to the credit

Can you use / get a permanent url to your profile
Will disappear when a member drops, though
membership is in beta stage; not released yet.

Search fields (members)
First name
Last name

Play Search
Search by credit
by title
new work/old work
cast size, running time, genre, tags, etc.

discussion ensues regarding the boolean operators used (or versus and)

results will display the member name as well; members can modify the profile.

Search bulletins (bulletin boards)
search regions, keywords (tags/subjects), title, description
for instance you can find people who want to collaborate, people who want to share a hotel room, people who’ve had a bad experience with a theater, etc.

Nice map for seeing regional coverage throughout the US.

How to market this to producers, theaters, etc.
There are business members of the Guild (theaters, etc)

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