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Rehearsal Report 3

February 11th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Rehearsal Report

Date: 2/10/2011
Start Time: 6:30
Break: 8:10 – 8:20
End: 9:35

-Reviewed pages 1-20
-Blocked pages 20-28

-Brian informed company of upcoming conflicts in schedule including some absences.

-Tom is available during production to do technical work if necessary concerning the video feeds. But I’m sure we all want him to really watch his own show.

-We now have 3 tripods and 3 cameras in place, video mixer, and 1 television set for rehearsals. All have been left in the space in places for tomorrow’s call.

-We will need an old wood chair with casters for Aisa to roll in her work area from dollhouse to dressmaker’s form to typewriter, etc. Mike Regnier and Tom Hayes both have access to one, just note that it will be added.

-Will we have access to mannequin arms for the scene where the princess gets her arms chopped off behind the screen?

-When Lynna plays the armless princess, she will need a long-sleeved shirt to show her sleeves dangling unfilled to the audience as Harry Collins (Jim) grabs her sleeve (arm) and leads her to her seat upstage left.

-Brian would like some sounds to go along with certain scenes. I’m not sure how we could cue this up, but I’ll get a list of what we need soon. Some things would be; the sounds of an orchestra warming up to begin the show, and multiple songs throughout scene changes.

-Jarod filled in playing the parts of Harry Collins, Talk Show Host, Queen, and Mother.

Next Day Schedule:
Thursday, Feb 11th 6:30pm
Company review pages 1-28
Block pages 37-40

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