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Marquee shot, courtesy of Jared.

Went up March 11-13th at CPT. The run was great. Attendance was like 72 the first night, probably closer to 90 the second, and upper 40s during the Sunday run. As always, it is a curious thing to feel (note) the audience response.


On the Friday opening it snowed like hell in Cleveland so I was pretty sure the thing would get canceled (in fact CSU closed its campus); but the 72-person turnout was pretty good considering the snow that got dumped on the city. Went to dinner with my parents, aunts, and uncle at XYZ. Allen, Athena, and others at XYZ were enthusiastic and supportive, which I found great and now endears me to that spot. The audience was great, laughing, participatory, engaged. Went out and got boozed up at Stone Mad.

The Saturday show did better in terms of turn out. I almost got there late because Johnny Mangos took over an hour to get the Pad Thai out of the kitchen. Got a text from Jarod informing me that one camera wasn’t working (the extension cord was frayed). The audience was a lot more reserved, but eventually got into it. About 15 minutes into the show some asshole JUMPED from the upper row of the seating (James Levin for those who know the space). People around me thought it was part of the show. There was a feedback session; generally positive.

The Sunday show was sparse. A lot of friends and co-workers. Went off without a hitch and then I immediately had to strike the set. Carried a lot of shit to the car while all my friends were over at XYZ drinking Hop Slam. Eventually, the set was struck and the car packed, and I got to sit down for a bit and relax.

Good run, very fast for all the work.

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