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Exercises from 612

January 18th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Start of Geither’s class tonight. Am looking forward to it. I definitely have need of a semester of writing and focusing on writing. Some of you are probably familiar with these exercises: 1-3, I was given a word and had to write around it. 4-5, they were phrases.

  1. Kiss ‘er why doan ya? Girl come all this way ‘cross a desert a time ‘an you woan even kiss ‘er? Why, I’d a be all over that young missy. I’d be a saddle on a horse ta her. I’d say,…
  2. Pounds? I’d give ya a pound. What the Sam hell is a pound? A stone? A pound a butter? Pound is a weight, ya dingbat, not a currency. It ain’t money, ya daft…
  3. Wouldn’t hit a man with glasses, would ya? Break somethin’ off somebody’s face that way. Somethin’ expensive like glasses. Somethin’ necessary for seein’ with. I’d be blind. Blind without I had’em. Blind.
  4. It’s no big deal. Won’t break the bank at Monte Carlo. Won’t cause no pencil-necked, egg-head to gag when it comes across his desk. But it’s big money to me. Big money. A man’s gotta stack a lot a boxes for that kind a money.
  5. I’ve done all I can do to be as visible as possible with him this year. And I don’t think that its asking too much to expect a little decency in his response to me. To expect a little invisibility today for instance. To be allowed to hide from everyone. To stay back.
  6. I’d start with the management, that’s what I’d do. Somebody ask me what I think, that’s what I’d say. Damn fool business is what. Like to drinkin’ pond water is what it is. Disgustin’ stuff. Rot. Put a hole in yer middle. Eat through yer intest–tines.

I have really committed now to focusing on character, voice, and expression. As well as trying to allow thoughts to flow through, and not control the direction. I have spent so much time focused on plot and character development specifically for sacrifice to plot that it is frightening for me to let go and allow things to flow through that have no “known” purpose. This is my committment for a very long while. I almost said year, but I don’t even want to limit it. I want to let streams flow through my consciousness. To not control what comes through our out. To come later and work it together. To discover what is said and what is meant. I’ll come back to the ‘wright’ and crafting later. I need to dig in. Dig deep. I’m thankful I found Shepard at this point; he has inspired me to let go and look around.

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