Play to be Produced

I feel somewhat remiss. My play, which received a reading at CPT under the title A Howl in the Woods, will receive a 5-week run November 20-December 20, 2008, at convergence-continuum. Yay! Merry Christmas!

The title was changed by Clyde Simon, Artistic Director, to Lord of the Burgeoning Lumber. Clyde has a thing about sexual innuendo in the titles. Well, sometimes it’s innuendo. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious. His thoughts on titles have been shaped on the anvil of experience though. The best-attended performance convergence had was Jeff Goode’s Poona the Fuck Dog; followed closely by Mac Wellman’s 7 Blowjobs. Chris Johnston wrote a play for convergence about homeless people who think they’re superhero’s in our oil-saturated, post-post-modern, post-industrial desolation–I forget the original name of it, it was something linke An Underground Comic, but Clyde named that one Spawn of the Petrolsexuals: An Underground Comic. Clyde has a good ear.

Regardless, I look very much forward to the run. To the process. I even follow Buried Child! That will be a grave disappointment to some, I imagine. I, of course, am flattered to be on the same bill as Sam Shepard…as well as the other very fine writers whose productions are going up this season. So far I’ve seen Mr. Marmalade and will see In the Garden this weekend.

Clyde and convergence received a rather nice write up in Northern Ohio Live, as well.

  1. June 27th, 2008 at 19:06 | #1

    Congratulations! Sounds like you’re doing some good stuff with the ‘Convergence’ folks. I’ve enjoyed reading about the fortune telling, uh, collaboratory-project.

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