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Production Meeting #2

January 31st, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The second production meeting was breezy and quick. No one at this point has entered rehearsals, so there is really nothing to report. Zoldessy was not there, but even if he was around there’s still only speculation about what’s coming.

Brief conversation about video in Patterns, specifically, an endorsement from Raymond that it should be present in the workshop production, if not as a fully-blown piece (with live and canned — produced — video), at least to get a sense of what the play will be like with that stuff in there.

Afterwards, playwrights, CPT, NEOMFA pow-wow about certain assumptions that have been made all around. This includes some things suggested by me in a previous post. I won’t go into details on this, as they aren’t for open discussion, but suffice it to say there was a clearing of the air and an understanding was reached. In this respect I’m confirmed again in my conviction that open, frank discussion/communication goes a long way to cutting off misguided assumptions (wherever they may lie). Unfortunately, open and frank communication is uncommon, a fact to which my wife will attest.

Looking forward to February 7th when rehearsals begin and the real task of getting the play made comes in earnest.

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