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Added as a resource?

May 13th, 2011 No comments

Anybody ever hear of

So, I got a curious email this morning informing me that weebelly has been added as one of 40 playwriting blogs featured in the section: “40 Inspiring Blogs for the Aspiring Playwright.” I’m naturally suspicious of things like this, part of which comes from being a librarian and knowing intuitively to check that a website touting the health benefits of broccoli isn’t sponsored by the Broccoli Farmers of America. I.e. what’s the shot?

On this one I’m not sure. When you search for a degree you are directed immediately to one of several online universities. I’m not inherently opposed to this one way or the other, frankly. I just like to know what’s what. The resources on the are good/genuine; and they seem to be fascinated by lists: 30 Best Movies about Black History; 50 Best Poetry Books for Kids, etc. It’s not clear, however, how the resources are chosen (librarian coming out…)

So, ultimately, I’m not entirely sure how my blog came to be selected; however, I did run a quick search on “playwright blog” in google and found weebelly sitting at number nine. I’ll have to subscribe now to the other playwright blogs to see what they’re chatting about.

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