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Manhattan Project

March 13th, 2015 No comments

Scene from St. Patricks


A Leprechaun

Just in time for dear St. Pats I played a Leprechaun in my most recent Manhattan Project performance. I also got to play the role with my dear friend Ron Rothschiller, who, as you can see by his last name, is a fine Irishman. Except that he played Cupid.

Rob Daniels was our playwright, joining a coterie of fine playwrights including Eric Coble, Renee Schilling, and Michael Pullman.


It took a bit for me to get the accent correct. I spent quite a bit of time learning the keys to Irish speaking, including pronouncing my “i” sounds a “oi” sounds (oil), and “e” sounds as “long a” sounds, dropping the “g” off all “ing” endings, and changing “my” to “me”, etc. “Oi’ll bay havin’ me drink now.”

Quite fun, as the Manhattan Project always is. A fine, long-running experiment by my dear friend Peter Roth, whose balls are getting bigger every day.

Iceman Cometh

May 12th, 2013 No comments

Hickey (Dana Hart) 'inspires' his fellow saloon regulars.

Hickey (Dana Hart) ‘inspires’ his fellow saloon regulars.

Peter Roth and I got over to Ensemble last night to let The Iceman Cometh “wash” over us, as Eric Coble put it in a post. It did indeed. Four hours of washing makes for a very good scrubbing. The language does indeed wash over you and sweeps you up and spins you off and out to sea. I was reminded of Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood with the powerful language and intense development of many, many characters. The play is truly a mammoth undertaking to see, let alone, I’m sure, to act in, or direct and stage. I can only ponder that effort. I remember going to Stratford one year and watching Night of the Iguana and thinking about how relentless and draining acting in that piece must be. Watching Iceman was confirmation again about the physical requirements of acting in a play that is long and filled with emotional power. Fortunately for Ensemble, the assembled a great cast with many of my favorite actors in Cleveland, including Michael Regnier (who was in my thesis play), Robert Hawkes, Bobby Williams, and Allen Branstein.

I won’t discuss O’Neill’s play that much, as there are other places online that discuss it and do a far better job than can I. All I can say is that I’m glad I got to see it. The folks at Ensemble did a great job.

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