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Playwrights in Mind: A National Conversation

June 9th, 2011 No comments

Dramatists Guild Conference

So, for the next several days I’ll be blogging from George Mason University at the site of the first ever Dramatists Guild conference.


I’ll hit the conversation with Christopher Durang tomorrow as well as the keynote with Molly Smith. I’ll try and keep tabs on Twitters accounts, too, to see if there’s any undercurrents at the event running counter to the “main” event (like there was at another conference I attended recently).

As this is the first one it will be interesting to see how well things go off. Right now, from what I’ve seen, it looks a bit confusing; but hopefully things will clear up once I’m in Fairfax.

If I know you and you’ll be there: I look forward to seeing you!

For All my Fellow (female) Playwrights Out there…

May 17th, 2011 No comments

“Director Howard Davies, who directed Piaf for the RSC…found it difficult to believe that such a rude play could have been written by a middle-aged mother of four.”

Farewell to a “large, straight-talking” playwright with a voice that was “salty, earthy, raunchy and never boring.”

God knows we could use more of that…

Guardian Obit

New York Times Obit


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